UNCOVERED By: Emylice Landestoy
"Uncovered: Exploring the Human Layers" Choreography: Emylice Landestoy Original Music: Skin Against Metal Visual Artist: Stephanie Ventura Dancers: Caitlyn Bess, Melissa Escano, Mone't Rosa Fuentes, Luciany German, Shekoya Gordon, Hosbel Hernandez, Starr Montalvo, and Edgard Toro.
Swamp Dance of Death Collaboration W/ Steph Blurr
Swamp Dance of Death. Collaboration w/ Talented Artist: Steph Blurr and Dancers: Emylice Landestoy & J Dan Bams Check Out: http://www.stephburr.com/single-post/2016/10/21/Swamp-Dance-Photo-Colab-w-GZ-Fotografias
SHE Growing Up Created By: Christina Pagán
The struggle of learning and understanding the "right way" to be a woman/girl.
Dance Addictive ft. Brittany Wilson & Beverly Lopez
Capturing dance movement btw two great dancers.
Awareness Support
Gloria was inspired by the loss of her Grandmother who was called home in 2015 after her battle with lymphoma cancer. Wanting to bring awareness to the many different causes that have affected her life. Lymphoma Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Domestic Violence; she shares with you three pieces.
"The Joy of Simply Being" ft. Artist Steph Burr
A collaboration btw photographer Gloria Zapata "GZfotografias and artist Steph Burr of beautiful dancers Yasmin Venable & Luciany German and body art work in movement. Check Out:http://www.stephburr.com/single-post/2016/07/06/The-Joy-of-Simply-Being-Photoshoot-w-GZ-Fotografias
Celebrate Love & Pride
Showing love to the LGBT community. Remember those who have pass and are still fighting. "Be & Love Yourself" Dancers: Yasmin Venable, Manuela Diaz, Alexandre, Barranco, Fabio Mariano
Exclusive shots by Gloria Zapata ft Spring into Summer
Exclusive shots of dancers project in progress for summer 2016
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